Mitchell + Lauren || Fall Nashville Wedding

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After a bit of a cold, dreary spell here in Nashville, November 14th came with a warm, steady sunshine that matched the sweet bliss of Mitchell and Lauren's connection. You don't have to be around the two of them long to realize that together, they are as fun and loving as they are adorable. 

Their day was simple, the ceremony joyful, and the reception full of all those moments between family that make your heart heart swell up a bit. Lauren arranged her own (gorgeous) bouquet, her sister made the most adorable naked cake you've ever seen, her father hand painted the sweetest signs, and her mother played seamstress and oversaw to a myriad of little details. 

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse in to their day as much as I enjoyed being there to document it. It's hard to top a day full of family, love, laughter, and best friends marrying each other.